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29 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
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Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of quality over quantity. On the other side, quantity helped me get quality, and people often ask me how do I blog so often (an average of one post every other day).

Depending on your blog, and the subjects you want to cover, it may be harder. It will also depend how you manage your online life (not sure we can talk about online, offline separation anymore, but it’s another topic). Personally, I choose the blog as my primary home on the web so it’s the media I’m prioritizing, and putting more time on. There are many reasons why, but one of them is that I own it totally: no fear of not using what the cool kids use, neither of change in the platform, nor closing of the service I use. It also served me well, as this blog brings me a lot of opportunities, and continues to do so. How can I blog this often? Firstly, the spectrum of topics of this blog is infinite: I decided that this blog will be about everything I want to share from personal topics, to technical ones. It opens the flow to creativity a lot more!

No matter what your blog is all about, there are some tricks that will help you to share your expertise or passion with others more often.

Everyday life situations are inspiration

Something happened at work yesterday? Maybe you can inspire yourself from that event, and write a story about it. As an example, I was assisting to some courses last week, and even if the teachers were able to share their passion, their slides weren’t as good: I decided to write a post about creating better slides as it’s related to my day to day job. Someone commented about the fact that he would like to be able to blog as often as me. Guess what? I wrote this blog post.

Write shorter posts

Even if it’s subjective I’ll be bold: nobody likes to read long posts. We live in an era where we are bombarded by information, and our attention span is shorter. Except some special cases, personally, if your blog post is too long, I won’t read it. On the author side, write smaller blog post will take less time (actually, it’s false, as it’s harder to write efficient posts with fewer words at the beginning, but at one point, it will take you less time).

Dedicate time in your schedule to write

Like everything in life, if you don’t dedicate time to do it, you’ll always have something else to do. Instead of watching two hours of television after work, why not just watch one, and take the other one to write a post?

Save your keystroke

If I send you an email with a question, and that your answer is more than a couple of lines, if it’s something that can be public, why not answer in a blog post? Instead of having an impact on one person, you’ll still have the impact with this person as you’ll send him a link, but you’ll be able to reach more people (and have one more post online). I’m using this philosophy so often now that most of my post could have been emails. At the end, we have a finite number of keystrokes in our life

Write more

This is the best, and weirdness advice I’ll tell you: write more, to write more. If you write more, you’ll become better to put words on your thoughts. You’ll also be faster to type on the keyboard, and write a post. You’ll as well write better posts, and improve your grammar. It’s a bit like going to the gym: the more often you go, the less you will hate it, the better you’ll become, and more often you’ll go.

Again, those tips may help you to post more often, but always target quality over quantity. If you post more often, but shitty one, it won’t serve anybody.


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