Have you ever think about your personal brand?

6 Feb 2014
27 May 2020
3 minutes

Do you think personal branding is not for you? Why should you care about your own brand? After all, it’s not like you are an actor or the lead singer for a rock band. In fact, it’s never been more important for you to think about yourself as a brand.

I think it’s so important that I’ve done presentations on the subject, and now I’m writing a book for developers with Apress: How to Be a Rock Star Developer (the title isn’t final). Thinking about you as a brand will provide rocket fuel for your career. You’ll find better jobs or become the “go-to guy” in certain situations; you’ll become known for your expertise and leadership; people will seek your advice and point of view; you’ll get paid better to speak, write, or consult. As a developer, there are many tools you can use to scale, and this book will help you understand how to get visibility, make a real impact, and achieve your goal. No need to be a marketing expert or a personal branding guru: be yourself, and get your dream job or get to the next level of your career.

In the book, you will learn what personal branding is, and why you should care about it. You’ll also learn what the key themes of a good brand are, and how you can find the ingredients to build your own, unique brand. Most importantly, you’ll understand how to work your magic to make it happen, and capitalize on what’s making you unique. You’ll also learn:

  • How to use sites like StackOverflow and Github to build your expertise and your reputation.
  • How to promote your brand unobtrusively in a way that attracts better-paying jobs, consulting gigs, industry invitations, or contract work.
  • How to become visible to the movers and shakers in your specific category of development.
  • How to exert power and influence to help yourself and others.

I’m writing this post today for two reasons:

  1. You can register now to get notified when the book (no obligation to buy the book if you changed your mind), and the e-book will be available (You’ll receive one, and only one email – two with the confirmation);
  2. I’m offering you to speak about this topic at your conference or user group.

The primary audience for this book will be developers, or any technical person, but anyone, even if you aren’t working in IT, will be able to benefit from it: you’ll need to make abstraction of the developers’s specifics examples or tricks. This topic is a passion for me as thinking about myself as a brand helped me be where I am today. My goals with these presentations and the book are to help you understand that, in today’s world, it’s critical to get visibility, have an impact, and of course, do epic shit!

P.S.: Thanks in advance for all of you that will share the love!

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