Hack your life challenge #7: take a break

23 Feb 2012
22 May 2020
3 minutes

Now the real challenge of last week: take a break. The goal is really about spending time with your thoughts. Think about what to do, new ideas, priorities, new goals… Just taking some time, with yourself.

I need to say that taking time with myself was something impossible in the past. I’m a social guy: I need to be with people. I also need to do something, work on a project, make things happen. Now that my work as an Evangelist involve people, I now need some time alone (most of the time, including only my girlfriend): times for me, at home, to relax.

The other part of this challenge is really about thinking. This part gives me a hard time. I hear you, it’s not because I’m stupid (hey I’m a bitch too, so I expect that people joke on me)! I think all the time. Seriously it’s a real problem. My brain is always working. Each time I have nothing to do that really captivate my mind, I’m thinking. I even fear to wake up at night to go to the bathroom, because I will start to think about something and I will have problems to fall asleep after. It’s probably why I like being involved in many projects: that helps me occupy my brain and stop thinking. I don’t think it’s a stress thing, since I’m not a stress person. It’s just that so many ideas run into my head…So my real challenge for this one is to take a break and stop thinking. I need to find a way to help me put my brain to off and just enjoy the moment. Since I’m aware of this, I try to find some hobby that could help me relax for real. Actually movies are the best activities I found for this.

Even if I need to do the opposite, I think that this challenge is also very important. I’m glad that Fabrice put this one up. In this world, where everything goes fast, it’s great to take some time with us, just to think and not being reactive to what is happening. Did you make this challenge? Was it hard for you? Are you like me, always thinking about something? If so, did you find a way to stop the madness? Share your thoughts!

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