Hack your life challenge #6: turn off your mobile phone

15 Feb 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

The hack your life challenge of last week was also about disconnecting and taking time for you. It was about taking the control of your time and be able to live without your precious. Not all the time, we need to live, work and be productive, but turning off this device on the evening and during all the weekends.

Actually, I wouldn’t be able to live without my smartphone. To be honest, it’s not the phone part that I would miss as I hate the phone: it’s mostly the smart part of it. I have a cell phone since I’m 16 years old (hey young people, 14 years ago it wasn’t the case for everyone; I was one of the cool kids!) and a smart phone since my first Blackberry, I would say, 2005-2006. For me, it was a way to be always connected, and it’s even more the case today with these new awesome smartphone (like my Windows Phone, seriously). Because I’m always connected and always the kind of guy who loves to have a busy schedule, when I’m at home, most of the time I turn off or don’t watch my phone during evening and week ends. It’s already the way I think so it’ wasn’t that hard, but I cheat a little. Don’t worry, it was for a good cause: we are in the process of buying a condo (more informations on this later).

In a world where we are always connected and where the line between work and personal life is tinier than ever, this challenge is even more important.  Did you participate in this challenge? Is it hard for you to turn off your smartphone? Do you think Fabrice is a crazy guy with this challenge around take time without our electronics devices? Share your thoughts?

P.S.: I have the impression that most of my blog posts recently are around this challenge, but I want to continue to do it and share my thoughts with you. Don’t worry, I have so many ideas around other topics, and I’ll post them, as soon as I’ll have more time.

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