Hack your life challenge #5: do

12 Feb 2012
22 May 2020
3 minutes

I like to call myself a doer, because when I have an idea, I’m not just talking; I’m making it reality. I started some personal or community projects like Festival Geek de Montréal (French), We are Geek (French), Portrait de blogueurs (French), FailCampMtl… Some are still alive. Some are dead. Some are been taking by other. There are other things in my life that I postpone. You know, these things we need or want to do, but we don’t feel like to, for any reasons.

Last week, the Hack your life challenge was about doing. Doing stuff you always postpone. Sometimes we fill up our todo list with stuff we are afraid to do, stuff we don’t want to do for any reasons good or bad, or even with stuff that is not important. This challenge is all about exposing yourself and don’t let the flinch get you. If you have to do something, easy or not, go for it, do it!

Actually, it was a busy week for me as I was in Seattle for an internal training during this challenge, so the week was all about conferences, hands-on  labs, team dinners and a bit of tourism in this nice city. I didn’t have much time to do other stuffs. The only thing I did, is my workout training. I want to do it 2-3 times per week, and it’s always a challenge when I’m traveling, so I think it was a little win, even if it was a baby step.

This challenge is not a challenge of only one week; it’s a lifetime one. I have a lot of things in my todo list that I didn’t take the time to do or didn’t want to do. Since I always have many ideas in mind, it’s not easy to empty my list of things to do. One thing I will do for this challenge is to empty my todo list before doing something new.Are you a doer? Did you make this challenge? Were you able to empty your todo list this week? Share your thoughts.


I missed the challenge #4, Set-up a happyness metric, so this one is really #5. I’ll do the real #4 with the #7 next week.

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