Hack your life challenge #2: Turn off the electronics

17 Jan 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

I need to say that the challenge #2 from Fabrice Calando was a total fail for me. The goal was to shut down any electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed. I think I succeed only one night, and it’s because I was too tired to do something after I come back from a meeting.

Actually, it’s not true: this challenge was not a fail. I failed  at the main goal, but I learn a lot. I learn that I’m totally addicted to electronic devices in my life. Is it good or bad? I’m not sure. I also learn that everything I do, most of the time, are related to computer. Everything I do, for work or in my personal time, need this beautiful hardware that I love so much. I need the computer to do my work, to be on social media, to write on this blog, to do my role as a secretary for the W3Quebec (in French), to publish my podcast (in French), to start a new project… We are so used to this machine, that we do everything with it. As I said, is this bad or not, I don’t know. In my case, when I’m not in an event or in a user group for work, I’m in front of the computer. This challenge told me that I need to find hobbies that won’t use my computer as a tool. Just to have the feeling that sometimes, I am disconnected.

At the end, the best that I was able to do was to turn off my computer (read leave it alone, since I never turn it off) and go watch some TV. The big point here is that I need some times to turn my brain off and relax… Were you able to do this challenge? Do you use too many electronic devices? Do you find that it’s a problem? What do you do to turn your brain off and relax? Share your thoughts?

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