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21 Jan 2013
22 May 2020
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I’ve been asked quite often to publish blog posts from guest bloggers on this site. Sometimes it’s like a press release from an agency, and sometimes it’s from people in the community. I figured out that I would publish my thoughts around it, so I can refer to this post when people ask me.

First, let me start by saying that I find the guest blogging a good idea. It gives value to the guest blogger who wants to reach a new audience, and to the blog owner who want more, and diversified content. I really think it’s beneficial for both sides in most cases. On my blog, I’m sorry to say that I don’t accept any guest posts, even from close friends. The reason is simple: this blog is me. From the personalized, and unique theme, to the colourful UI, and the posts, it’s all Fred. I want to keep that blog, my blog, and only my blog. People who know me know that I’m generous, and I like to share, but this blog is one thing I won’t share.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to help people get more exposure, and showcase their projects, but I won’t publish others’ posts here. Does that mean I won’t help you? Of course not, but it’s a no when it’s about doing your job (ex.: sharing head hunters positions) or if it’s just a way for an established company to save on the marketing budget (ex.: blogging about your product I don’t use or didn’t try). There are three ways I can help you:

  1. By sharing the post you did on your own blog or any piece of information within my network on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn;
  2. By connecting you with the right person that would be able to help you have more exposure or amplify your message (maybe with a guest blog post on their blog);
  3. In some cases, doing a blog post myself about the topic you wanted to talk about, if I have time (it’s what I’m doing with companies who give me their product to try or free access to events);

It’s all coming down to if I believe or have any interest in what you are doing. On everything that could be related to my role as a Technical Evangelist, it’s another story as I’m looking for guest bloggers for the Microsoft’s blogs I’m writing for. On the other side, I accept to do guest blogging on other blogs when people ask me, and if that makes sense, but it’s not something I’m looking for as I already have many drafts waiting for me on my own blog.

At the end, there are many ways I can help you achieve your goals, but don’t count on a guest post on Out of Comfort Zone! Do you have a blog? If yes, do you accept guest posts? Are you doing guest blog posts on others’ blog? Share your thoughts!

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