Going to Budapest in Hungary, anything a tourist should do?

6 Nov 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1hiW6xj
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1hiW6xj

I had an incredible time as a tourist in my last trips, and it’s because of you: people who live or traveled to the places I’ve been. You, that gave me amazing touristic places, great venues, astonishing restaurants… So you’ll be stuck with me for every new trip I’ll do as I think crowd sourcing my trip is far better than trying to find the touristic places. It’s not because I’m lazy, but I prefer to see what is really interesting based upon your experience than being stuck in tourist traps.

So my next trip is in Budapest, Hungary for another amazing Firefox OS workshop in about two weeks. I always have a great time at those workshops as it give me the opportunity to help developers understand, and build for the platform, but also meet amazing people as making brand new friends! Like if my job wasn’t good enough like this, I have the opportunity to take some days off when I’m going somewhere new: I like to visit those cities, and learn the culture. It’s also a way for me to have a quick preview of one or two days to know if I want to come back for a longer time during my vacations. So people from Hungary, or people that traveled to Budapest, what are the attractions I want to see? What are the coffee shops or restaurants I need to go to? What are some typical dishes I really have to taste? Any specific events I may add to my calendar (as an example, in Mexico, I went to see luchadores – Mexican wrestling)? Please share your insights, and help me have a good time in Budapest!

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