Go out of your comfort zone, and fight your fears

28 Feb 2014
14 Oct 2020
2 minutes

I’m like Batman! Unfortunately, it’s not because I’m a hero who saves lifes: it’s because I was afraid of bats. Two years ago, a bat, visibly sick, entered our apartment. It was the first time I was near one of those flying rats, and I learn something: bats were scaring the shit out of me. Let’s just say that I wasn’t the most courageous person in the house…

Last year, I visited the zoo of Budapest. At one point, I entered one room with free animals, and surprise, many bats were free to fly everywhere while I was there, and I had no protection. At that time, my first thought was something like “what the fuck I’m doing here”, but I decided to continue my journey. I was terrify in the beginning, but I stayed in the room, and walked to see other animals. Once in a while, one those bats were flying over my head, and some, a bit too near. After a while, I realized that I didn’t know why I was afraid of them. Imagination, in addition to the misconception, and with the unknown are the foundation of mostly all fears: it was my case too. This experience makes me understand that it was nothing. The result? I won’t care anymore if I’m in the same room as a bat.

Why am I telling you that story? Simply because something that was a huge fear for me, isn’t anymore. I went out of my comfort zone, in that case, with some unsolicited help from the zoo, and fought my fear. It’s something I don’t have to worry anymore. It’s another situation where I was able to push myself. It’s something that I won’t be afraid anymore. Even if I don’t have to deal with bats often, you get the point…

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