Fred’s tees #24 – Old-time gamer

1 minute

This t-shirt from TeeFury remembers me many memories: it was the time where games were fun. Don’t get me wrong, I like today’s games, but I prefer the old one like Mario Bros: I have the feeling I had more fun with those. It was also the time where, as kids, we could stay all weekend inside the house, even during the summer, to finish the new Nintendo game one of us received for his birthday. The Game Boy saved me a lot of boring dinner evening as a kid: you know those dinners where your parents are having fun, but the only thing you were thinking about is to get back at home with your toys. Every time I’m wearing this tee, I feel a bit old as I know that all the young people have no idea what is on this t-shirt!

P.S.: I even put a Wikipedia link on “Game Boy” just for you, youngster!