Fred’s tees #16 – Me, myself, and I

1 minute

When I found this t-shirt on Snorgtees, I thought it was made for me (again). I had shown the text to Émilie, and she said the same thing. Why? Because I’m the kind of people who join a group of strangers, introduce myself, and start or join the on-going discussion. In parties or happy hours, I don’t wait to find someone I know: I just talk to people. I also remember one evening when I was drinking with friends after our podcast (in French), and they had to leave early: I wanted to take another beer, so I asked the cool kids who wanted to take our table if it was OK for me to stay with them. I had a great evening, and I meet some amazing people by doing this. Of course, it may have sounded a bit looser, but my friends were leaving, and hey, who cares about what others think?!