Fred’s tees #1

2 minutes

It’s not a secret, I like tees. I’m known for being the guy with the coolest t-shirts at work, and in many spheres of my life. I believe that it’s part of my brand: the guy in jeans (or short), with t-shirts no matter the circumstances.

Sometimes funny, most of the time Geeky, I’m a compulsive tees buyer. More than often, people asked me where I bought the one I’m wearing. Most of the time I can’t remember as I’m buying those online on many websites. Since I want to share my passion about nice clothing, and that I want to maximize my keystroke, why not posting a picture, and the site each time I’m receiving a new one? So as I did with tips and tricks for people series, I’m going to start a Fred’s tees one. I’m glad to start one with my latest acquisition bought from United Pixelworker, a fine clothing online shop for Web Designers, and Web Developers.

Web Designers, and Web Developers, let’s unite ourselves as Pixelworker!

P.S.: the website is down for maintenance.