Firefox OS, the platform you deserve – Budapest, Hungary

24 Nov 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Yesterday, we were doing a Firefox OS workshop in Budapest, Hungary. It was, like always, a real pleasure to help all those hackers to create, or port their app to run on the amazing platform that is Firefox OS. As usual, here are the slides, and the recording of my presentation.

I beought a bluetooth headset to record my presentations, but the quality was lower than using the laptop mic (!!), so for this one, the sound is still ok, not more. If you have any wireless mic suggestion, mostly something I can attach to my t-shirt, please let me know. I also have projector issues, so it’s why you’ll see me restarting the presentation so many times.

Firefox OS, the platform you deserve on YouTube

This presentation was basically to excited developers about the platform, and all the opportunities of building Firefox OS app: I talked about the OS, why Mozilla is doing this, what are the APIs you can use, and most important, how you can start. It was well received, and followed up by Jason’s talk about the tools people can use to develop, and debug with as without a real device. I’m really impressed by the quality of apps we got out of the event: I can’t wait to see them in the Firefox OS Marketplace!

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