Don’t feed the trolls

19 Sep 2012
22 May 2020
3 minutes
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I took a decision concerning trolls: I won’t feed them anymore.

I’m the kind of person who like to have a good discussion on different topics. I like to give my point, listen to others points, and discuss about the pros, and cons of both opinions. It’s healthy to do so, but with trolls, it is not! They are not there to discuss. They are there to disapprove everything you’ll say, make you agree on what they are saying, and most of the time, in a really unpleasant way. I have no problem with people who don’t have the same opinion as me, but I want to discuss with people who can argue. You don’t like my point of view? No problem, explain me why. You don’t like the product that I’m talking about? No problem, what do you find wrong with it? Deaf dialogue doesn’t interest me.

In the past, I took too much time, and energy to try to have real discussions with these people. The worst part about this is that trolls are not only people that hide themselves besides their computers: some of them do this in-person also. As I’m very transparent on the Internet, that I share my thoughts on many topics here, or on Twitter, and that I work at Microsoft, I got a lot of these false discussions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about people who, as an example, don’t like Microsoft, or the new cool technology I’m talking about. If you don’t like my employer, or some of our technology, I totally respect that, but let’s have a discussion: you cannot just tell me I don’t like you without having any points to make!

So starting now, I won’t feed you anymore, trolls. If your comments are not arguments, or a starting point for a healthy discussion, you won’t have my attention. Nothing less, nothing more. Life is short, and I want to spend time on things that matter. You, readers, you should do it too. The only thing that keeps trolls alive, are our reactions. No reactions, no trolls. Next time, I’ll point trolls on this post, and you should do it too. How do you manage trolls on your side? Do you spend some time with them to try to have a discussion? Do you think I’m doing the right move? Share your thoughts!

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