Designing a Windows Store app

29 Apr 2013
27 May 2020
2 minutes

Part of the first event we did a couple of weeks ago in Toronto with our friends of DevTO, HTML5 Toronto, and JavaScript Toronto, I also did a presentation on how to design a Windows Store application. It was a mix of good practices for the UI, the UX, and the integration you should do with the Windows 8 features to give a great experience to your users.

I’m no way near to be a design expert (trust me, I suck to design beautiful applications), but as a developer, and a user, I know what makes a good experience, and I know when an application sucks. Developers tend to minimize the impact of the details by considering the fact that their application has all the amazing features a customer who needs. Let me tell you this: if your application is ugly, don’t give me a good experience or have no integration with the platform, people won’t use it. They will check for alternative, and you will lose a user. So thanks again to Matthew Potter who recorded my afternoon second session (my morning session) at our installfest.