Back to basic, the blog

5 Dec 2011
22 May 2020
4 minutes

I am a fan of blogs. I blog since the beginning of 2005, and I never felt like it was not the right thing to do. For me, it’s another good way to express myself, and it’s the online,representation of my thinking. Since the birth of other social media, like Facebook or Twitter, I blog less. I use them, mostly to share with other people about things I found interesting that don’t need a full blog post. Now I want to be back to basic: blog everything, short or long.

Since I know Joey DeVilla, I’m amazed about his blogging skills. This guy can write so many posts in a week. One of the things that Joey does, and that I love, is that he takes his blog as the primary source of his online life. Everything he wants to share, he shares it on his blog and uses other social media to share his blog post. For me, that make so much sense. This is my home, and I want only one place where people can go to read about myself, what I found interesting or what I think about this or that subject. With all these new social media that start, evolve or die, I found that it’s easier for me to have only one place to share my thoughts. This blog is my blog. Nobody can close it, and I can make it evolve like I want.

One of the other things I want to do, is to put together all my blogs content. I have a couple of blogs that focus on certain topics or use different languages. Like I said, I will make this place my primary home. That means that I will close my other blogs soon. Don’t worry, I will import the content here not to lose it. You’ll be able to see on this blog three types of contents and two languages: French and English.


This category will contain all the blog post on which I elaborate a lot more on the subject. Even if the technical post around development or Geek stuff could enter this category, this will be all about non IT-related  stuff.


This category said it all. This will be things that I usually share on Twitter or Facebook. Funny pictures I took in an event. Quote from someone I found on the Web. Nice song that I just discovered…


This one will contain technical stuff or at least things related to IT. It could be a tutorial to build an application with HTML5. It could also be a post to announce the meetup of this new user group in my city. If you are not a developer or in the industry, you won’t love this one. I will also publish a copy of the blog posts I do on the Microsoft blogs I write on. It’s a way for me to keep trace of all this in one place and reach more people with my work.

So in the next days, I’ll import some of my old posts in here. They will have the same date as when I posted the original, and I’ll add a line to tell the readers that it was posted on another blog prior to this one. I will also figure the rest about RSS feed and how to please people that want to follow only some categories. Keep in mind that it’s a work in progress, but I needed to do this to evolve in my online presence…

I’m very happy to make this one my only home. On your side, are you still blogging? Is it as important for you? Do you think I’m leaving in the old way? Share your thoughts!

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