40 Life Tips Before Forty #11

2 Feb 2022
2 Feb 2022
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I’m not talking here about the song that haunted parents, or should I say, everyone for years. What I want to verbalize here, is letting go anything you are attached to that causes you pain. The first thing that comes to mind is the past. Unless it’s a joyful memory, leave the past where it belongs. The only exception is about learning opportunities or growth moments. You cannot change what already happened. The second contestant are things you cannot change. You can dismiss them to free more precious headspace. You cannot alter or impact them in any way. There is nothing beneficial to ruminate about these. Lastly, it will come to no surprise, but let go of toxic people, or folks that bring you down in any way. Focus on the present. Cherish what you have. Have the courage to change what you can. But everything else…

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