40 Life Tips Before Forty #08

30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022
2 minutes

Impermanence is one of the concepts I learned during my Buddhism courses. But you can disconnect the idea from the philosophy. Nothing is permanent. It’s a universal truth. All things and living creatures, including us, will have their final moments. It may be disconcerting at first, but once you understand and accept it, it is eye-opening. Think about it. It means that any suffering we endure will end one day. Remember something that was extremely hurtful in your past life. Either physically or emotionally. It is now a ghost from the past. But at that time, you thought it would never end. Of course, you may still experience the affliction, but it will stop one day, even if it means on your last day on earth. On the more joyful, or saddest part depending on how you see it, all good things must come to a conclusion also. It may be depressing, but it is a call to action: enjoy the good things as long and as much as you can. Live those happy moments to their fullest because like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever…

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