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My 3 words for 2018

1 Jan 2018
30 Dec 2020
3 minutes

Six years ago, I decided to move away from new year’s resolutions. Instead, I’m choosing three words that are guiding me through the next 365 days. It may feel the same, but it’s different and working a lot better for me. This time, it wasn’t easy to define the direction I wanted to take for the next year. I thought about these for a couple of weeks and yesterday, it was clear to me which words would help me forge 2018…


Last year, I attended Tony Robbins’s event in New York City, Unleash the Power Within. I want to write an article about my experience, but to sum it up, it wasn’t a breakthrough for me as it was for most people. Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot from these three and a half days. I even walked on fire. Yes, I fucking walked on fire, it’s crazy!

One of the things that resonate with me is that energy is the foundation of everything. Without energy, you cannot accomplish your goals. It also makes it harder to stay in emotional state that benefits you. For different reasons, it’s been a couple of months that I’m lacking energy. I know that fixing this issue in my life is the key to my success. To achieve this, I’ll need a complete lifestyle change which I started last year. Exercising more, eating healthier and prioritizing sleep are part of this change.


Mindfulness is a trend and I understand why. In today’s life, we often don’t take the time to live or we live through social media instead. I want to be more in phase with myself and the wonderful world that we are living in. It’s far from perfect! Still, there are so many great things that we take for granted, or don’t appreciate to their fullest. Being mindful for me means to slow down, take the time to appreciate the moment. It’s also about being more grateful, take control of my emotions and even working on my spiritual side.


The previous two words will mean nothing if they just stay thoughts. They need to be transformed into actions. It applies to every goal in life: these won’t magically happen and taking actions is the key. Taking massive actions, I should say. Keeping my goals in mind, making plans, writing them, working on them every day and making them habits.

We should not wait for January 1st to do the right thing, but in the end, it doesn’t matter as long as we move forward. We need to create the joyful and happy life that we want, the one that we deserve. After a couple of shitty years, I can feel it: 2018 will be phenomenal for me. I hope it will be the same for you, my friends… Happy New Year!

  1. 2018-01-02 - Reply

    I like this idea and might do it as well. I also like the words you choose. I wish you a wonderful ’18 Fred!

    • 2018-01-03 - Reply


      Thanks Hugo, see you soon!

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